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What we do

Why settle for less?

RSquared is pleased to offer custom tailored packages to like minded people.

We pride ourselves on the creativity of the art that we create, likewise, we strive to work with people who are visionaries in their own right.

pictureWeb Design and Redesign

Our goal is to take the information you need to share and compose a design solution that keeps your visitor on your site, and not back to their search results. We strive to do better by creating an appealing overall design theme that fits you and your business.
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pictureMXit Lifestyle

After MXit releaseed their API to the public, RSquared jumped on board and developed a wide range of applications for the MXit platform.

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pictureSoftware Development

Our developers work around the clock to ensure that you receive nothing but a stable, beautiful piece of software that will integrate into your business solution.



Photography is about capturing the essence of a situation forever. Memories fade, names are forgotten, but our photographs are treasured for a life time.


Custom designed digital media solutions that provides your customer with exactly what they want to read. RSquared will take you from the original concept design right up to the final printing phase.

pictureGraphic Design

Custom designed digital media solutions that provides your customer with exactly what they want to read. Advertising is boring, but Advertaining is a whole new ball game.


pictureWeb Hosting

Rock Solid, Reliable Network with our servers being located at a state-of-the-art Data Centre. How can we host you?

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pictureKeeping Your Website Fresh

A well-maintained website is most often a successful one. RSquared Studio can respond quickly to your maintenance requests at a price you can afford.

Need something unique?

We've created a companies logo out of raw rock. Hung a poster 200m in the air and have broken a few world records while doing what we do best!

If you have an idea, but aren't sure how to proceed or who to talk to, get in touch with us!


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